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Edward Salm

IT Director / Graphic Artist

Dr. Edward Salm has been a commercial and freelance artist for over almost 40 years, producing materials for private clients and numerous non-profit organizations. He is a native of Los Angeles, son of ballet and ballroom dancers, so piano lessons started even before kindergarten. In elementary school, he began singing and picked up a few more instruments along the way: African and Latin percussion, marimba, and woodwinds.

Eventually he went on to CSUN studying classical voice and opera. In 1986 at the age of 20, he joined the Gay Men’s Chorus of Los Angeles, receiving their prestigious “Good Guy Award” in 2019. He has sung in Episcopal and Eastern Orthodox churches throughout Los Angeles, as well as major motion pictures, television, and stage. Edward has toured across the United States, South America, Eastern and Western Europe, England, Ireland, Estonia, and Russia; singing at St. Paul’s, St. Patrick’s, and a residency at Wells Cathedral; performing at historic wonders including Carnegie Hall, Glinka Capella, Myaskovsky Hall, and Tchaikovsky Hall. Composer Roger Bourland once commented on his basso profundo range and “Pendulous Tones.”

In 1997 he completed a Doctorate of Philosophy in Religion, runs an IT consulting firm, and is a board member of Mission Opera.

Edward is also a forward on the Los Angeles Rebellion Rugby Team. He has played in tournaments around the globe from Nashville to Sydney, including with the San Francisco Fog RFC as US Ambassadors to Tackling Homophobia matches in Cuba and Argentina, spreading the message of equality, diversity, and inclusiveness through sport.

Any time left is enjoyed riding his motorcycle, and volunteering at non-profit organizations, including the Tom of Finland Foundation, where he was recently honored with a “Lifetime Achievement Award.”

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