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Welcome back to 1989!! 


Whether you were a child, a teen, a grown adult, or not even born yet, everyone knows the 80’s was a party! The music of Madonna, Elton John, Queen, Whitney and so many more evoke images and bring back memories of big hair, bright colors, and glam fashion. Our show won’t disappoint there!


This show began in an Irish Pub in Newhall over a pint of Guinness (as many shows do) with me and Constanze Bonelli, our fabulous costume lead. As we dreamed and planned about our future shows, I simply said “the 80s are making a huge come-back, what if we did an 80s version of Merry Widow?” The ideas started flowing - fluorescent colored Grizettes, celebrity impersonators, and many cans of Aquanet. It wasn’t until I started deep diving into this show, that I have sung many times in the past, that I realized there wasn’t a perfect English translation that is regularly done. In fact, there were tons of versions out there, so I thought, why not try my own and really set it in the 80s. The rest was history. 


This show features a new conflict: The British Invasion is over and this new, young American Madonna has taken over the pop music world, igniting a culture clash between the US and the UK. Prince Charles must convince Madonna to record her next hit album with a British pop star, or better yet, marry one and declaring British Citizenship would return Britain to Pop dominance! For those that know this show intimately, you can see how this adapts very well. Of course, we would never dream of altering Lehar’s music, but for those that love the music of the 1980s, keep your ears peeled for lyrics and text from your favorite songs sprinkled in the libretto like Easter eggs to be found. 


The cast, crew, orchestra and creative team has had an absolute BLAST with this show and we hope you do, too!  Sit back, relax, and sing along - it’s 1989 again and you’re in the driver’s seat!



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