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The show opens in Buckingham Palace where UK Royalty and Rock Stars are in crisis, realizing the Americans have taken over the pop culture world and the British Invasion could be over. Prince Charles and Princess Diana have arranged another Live Aid event to encourage British pop stars to reach new heights and achieve a second British Invasion. The path becomes clear when the American Madonna agrees to come and perform. The only way to stay on top is if one of the British glam rock stars woos her to wed so that she will declare British citizenship and put the Crown back on top. 


Prince Charles battles with the flirting Princess Diana as he works to protect the royal image, but George Michael’s mix tape and new song he wrote to her makes it hard for her to stay faithful. Meanwhile, Elton John can’t stop partying at the Roxy with the glamorous young dancing girls (and boys) long enough to court Madonna and try to convince her to become British. Will Boy George or Freddie Mercury have better luck?


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