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Players Unite!

In 2020, the Santa Clarita Philharmonic announced that it would no longer continue operations. This has left a large hole in our community for instrumentalists, players, students, and audience members.


As Santa Clarita's only opera company, Mission Opera, this devastating loss has called us into action. We utilize dozens of local instrumentalists each year in our operas, musicals, and operettas, as well as chamber work, sacred music, and other opportunities that we produce or collaborate on. We are committed to creating a large, volunteer orchestra from multiple sources of players who love music, love to play, and want to express themselves musically.

Interested in JOINING us? Go to:



Our Mission is to enhance the musical fabric of the Santa Clarita Valley by providing high-quality musical opportunities and performances for residents of all ages and abilities while educating the public on the importance of the arts.



Santa Clarity Symphony began its inaugural 2021/22 season with two concerts. Over the next five years, they plan to collaborate with Santa Clarita Youth Orchestra, add a Concerto Competition, and increase playing opportunities for musicians in both sacred and secular realms, including studio work, church music, opera and musical theater pits, and small ensembles of various instrumentation.

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