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Gaby Castro


Gaby Castro completed both her Bachelor and Masters of Music degrees at the School of Music at Cal State University, Fullerton, where her primary teachers were Burt Hara, Hakan Rosengren, and Margaret Worsley. She has played in several masterclasses for elite performers and pedagogues such as Yehuda Gilad, Anthony McGill, Alexander Fiterstein, Mark Nuccio, and Nathan Williams. In addition to her work as a freelance clarinetist in Los Angeles, Gaby is a musician, arranger, composer, and the co-founder of Four Play Clarinet, an internationally renowned all female clarinet ensemble known for their visually stunning and beautifully sounding music videos on YouTube, which have collectively amassed over 30K subscribers online and over 4 million views to their YouTube channel. As a result of their YouTube success, she and her band mates have had opportunities to perform across the country, including at big name conventions like the NAMM Show, and added to the artist roster of international music brands such as Buffet Crampon.

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