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Heather Cano


Heather Cano is a professional Bassoonist, specializing in Contrabassoon, living and performing in the Los Angeles area. She earned a Bachelor of Music double degree from Chapman University in Bassoon Performance and Music Education. She later attended the California Institute of the Arts, earning a Master of Fine Arts degree. Heather has studied and explored music genres from Baroque to contemporary, avant-garde, experimental, and improvisation. Her studies across a wide variety of different musical styles and wealth of ensemble and solo performance experience has led her to be a versatile and flexible bassoonist and musician. As an active freelance musician, Heather, has performed with such ensembles as: Bakersfield Symphony, Culver City Chamber Orchestra, Golden State Pops Orchestra, Bellflower Symphony, Westlake Village Symphony, American Victory Orchestra, and Blackbird Music Project. She has also collaborated with local bands and singer songwriters in the Los Angeles area performing with: Blackwater Jukebox, Tommy Santee Klaws, and Matt Van Winkle. Heather has also provided bassoon sounds for several film soundtracks. As a recording artist, Heather can be heard in film scores: “1BR,” ”Murder Burn Win” (score by Jonathan Snipes), and “7 Days” (score by Amanda Jones). Outside of music, Heather’s interests include exploring the night sky as an amateur astronomer, photography, creating digital phone art, hiking and gardening.

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