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Lisa Curtis-Saunders


Lisa Curtis Saunders is a Michigan native who moved to southern California in 2009, and to Santa Clarita in 2022. A lifelong musician, she studied violin from the age of 5 and switched to the viola in high school and never looked back. Her passion for music led her to pursue a degree in Computer Science at Oberlin College, where she also maintained her musical education through the viola department at the Conservatory and performing regularly with the Oberlin Gilbert and Sullivan Players’ orchestra.

Since moving to California, she has worked full time as a pipeline software developer for various visual effects and animation companies including Sony, DreamWorks, and currently Avatar Studios, but still makes time for music. She did a season with the Culver City Symphony shortly after moving to California, and then spent the next years playing around Los Angeles with various bands and singer/songwriters and was a founding member of the DreamWorkestra. She now plays with the Santa Clarita Symphony and the Mission Opera.

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