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Omar Morga Pintle

Bass Trombone

Omar Morga Pintle is a soon-to-be CSUN Alumni from the LA area. Coming from a diverse community, Omar has had the opportunity to learn and be a part of several musical communities, from classical to jazz to banda. From his early years in high school learning trombone, he had the privilege to perform in the Antelope Valley Honor band, the 2019 Rose parade, and be a trombone and tuba Banda musician from 2018-19. His college career has allowed him to continue performing for several ensembles, and gave him the opportunity to learn under the guidance of Paul Radke, the second trombonist for the prestigious LA Philharmonic. His aspirations to teach began in highs chool, where during his junior year he was given the opportunity to teach new trombonists and help them learn music. He continued this all the way until his senior year, where it inspired him to pursue a career in Music Education. His drive to continue to serve the community through music education translates to a strong work ethic, and a push to persevere even throughout the pandemic or anything life throws his way.
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