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Virtual Choir - Week 3

Week 3 Graphic.jpg

  Arrangement by Tom Fettke & Thomas Grassi
New Music by Tom Fettke
Tom Fettke & Thomas Grassi

This will premiere on the Fourth of July 2020

Bold and dignified, this powerful new arrangement of America the Beautiful includes a verse that uses the words of Emma Lazarus' poem, The New Colossus. Words and melody come together to form a breathtaking anthem of patriotism.

If you missed our Zoom meeting about how to rehearse and submit, click the tan camera icon below to go to the Zoom archive and watch the meeting, with full walk-through instructions.

Instructions for Practicing/Rehearsing:

1.    Print the PDF of the "Sheet Music" below and use your pencil to make notes, OR, use your favorite music e-reader and make the notes accordingly.


2.    Watch the “Conductor’s Notes” video and mark your score, as indicated.


3.    Rehearse several times, focusing on note and rhythm accuracy, and feeling comfortable and confident with the text.

4.    Choose your level of comfort

a.    More advanced singers may choose to sing with only the piano, while watching the conductor video.

b.    Less advanced singers may choose to sing with a part track, emphasizing a singer or instrument playing their part, along with the piano.

5.    Rehearse several more times, building on your note and rhythm accuracy, by adding a focus to phrasing, dynamics, breathing in correct places, accented/unaccented syllables, musicality, and tone color to match what was asked for or demonstrated.

Sheet Music

YouTube Video

This is for PREVIEW only! Please do NOT use this video to record your submission. Performance tracks are included below.

Director's Notes

Conductor Video

Practice/Performance Tracks

America - Sop 1
00:00 / 04:01
America - Sop 2
00:00 / 03:59
America - Alto
00:00 / 04:03
America - Tenor
00:00 / 04:01
America - Bass
00:00 / 04:03

Instructions for Performing/Submitting:

  1. When you have practiced enough and feel you are ready to record, please retrieve your headphones and TWO electronic devices: one for listening, and one for recording.

  2. Frame your shot using your phone or other recording device in horizontal (wide) format, pointed at you standing against a solid, light-colored wall. You may wear whatever attire you're comfortable wearing.

  3. When you're ready to begin, put on your headphones, choose your audio track above (do not use the YouTube video - it's not the same tempo or version as we've recorded and rehearsed with).

  4. When you're ready, hit "record" on your recording device and immediately hit “play” on your listening device (please note – your recording will be a capella and you will submit a video with only your voice).

  5. Once the recording is complete, upload it below. It would be helpful if the video is in MP4 format, but not completely necessary.


Tuesday, June 30th

11:59 PM

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