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Part 1 - Chanukkah

Hanerot Halalu

by Baruch J. Cohon

arr. Blanche Class

Chancel Voices


Hanukkah Music & History
Ma'oz Tzur

by E.B. Cohen

traditional Hanukkah song

Rabbi Mark Goodman

Chanukkah Song (We Are Lights)
Si vi von (traditional Hanukkah song)
by Stephen Schwartz

Cara Kowalczyk & Son Austin

Chanukah, Chanukah

Silver Jubilee Ringers

Part 2 - World Music

Winter Solstice Moon

by D. Long

Chancel Voices


Diwali Music & History

Milan Samplewala

Drs. Chander and Balbir Arora

Shabe Yalda (Yalda Night) Music & History
Five Songs Based on Poetry of Hafez
by Kamyar Mohajer
       Pictures of the Hidden (Song I)
       It's Sunrise (Song IV)

Jessie Massoudi soprano

Timothy Leon piano


Carol of The Bells


Silver Jubilee Ringers

African Noel

arr. Andre Thomas

Chancel Voices


Kwanzaa Music & History

Maia the Artiste


by J. Jennings

Chancel Voices

featuring soloists Todd Withers, Jane Bates, and Noelle Flinn

with percussionists Sherri Canon, Stuart Waxman, and Emma Karzin


Part 3 - Christmas

Jingle Bells

Preschool Kids

Noelle Flinn, music teacher

Gesu Bambino

Constanze Bonelli

A Christmas Song

by Ariel Quintana

Patrick Hare

Timothy Leon piano


Holy Child

by Steve Green

Shawn Taylor

Love is Christmas

by Sarah Bareilles

Dr. Cassie Gonzalez


Evening Prayer

from Hansel and Gretel

by Engelbert Humperdinck

Dr. Kimberlyn Jones

Constanze Bonelli

Christmas Nights in Blue

by Trans-Siberian Orchestra

Aaron Miller

Carols of Christmas
a sing-a-long

Silver Jubilee Ringers

The Heart of Christmas

by Jan Sanborn

Chancel Voices

Silent Night with Candlelight Vigil












Patrick Hare

Constanze Bonelli
Cara Kowalczyk
Tim Leon
Jessie Massoudi
Brandon Coprich
Dick Hughes
Josh Wentz
Chander Arora
Shawn Taylor
ALL with candles

and lights fading

Matthew Karic ad.jpg

Mission Opera is an OPERA America professional opera company located in Santa Clarita, CA, serving the Santa Clarita and San Fernando Valleys. As an educational performing arts charity, we present live theater, opera, musical theater, and various educational outreach initiatives, in addition to our diverse programming of concerts and events in and around Southern California.

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