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Pyrec Parker

Pritschtisch / Stevie Wonder

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Pyrec Parker, Baritone, Is a lover of all forms of music and the arts and has been singing and performing for 7 years in a variety of settings from choral groups to musical theater and opera productions. Previous productions Pyrec has been a part of are productions of The Magic Flute by Mozart where he was casted as Second Priest with CSUN Opera and will be playing Thierry in CSUN opera’s upcoming production of The Dialogue of The Carmelites by Francis Poulenc. He is also a part of the elite choir group Santa Clarita Master Chorale, Conducted by the talented and renowned conductor Allan Pekter. Pyrec Parker is currently studying at CSUN to receive his Bachelor's in Music Education with a Choral/Voice emphasis to then become a Choir Director and Voice teacher for people of all ages and experience. Pyrec's mission is to spread awareness of the importance of music and it's positive impact it can make on the world, it's communities, and it's individuals. That's why he performs and hope to keep doing so throughout his years of life.

Pyrec Parker
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