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Ashley Turner

Flute / Orchestra Manager

Claiming Michigan and California as her homes, Ashley Turner actively performs with various groups in both states. Not only does she serve as the principal flutist for both Mission Opera and Mission Orchestra, she has performed with the Santa Clarita Philharmonic, Bijou Orchestra, Brazeal Dennard Chorale, Dearborn Symphony, the Michigan Philharmonic, and participated in various studio recording projects throughout the years. But her love of music does not stop there! She started a business, known as Exploration Music Project, alongside her husband. Together they work to bring their audience on a visual and aural journey through the lens of cinema featuring various jazz, classical, and original music from members of their community. Ashley also teaches at non-profit organizations & privately out of her home in Castaic, and serves as a Senior Administrator at CalArts and California College of Music. Ashley received her Master of Music from USC Thornton School of Music and a Bachelor of Music from Grand Valley State University. Her principal teachers include James Walker, Christopher Kantner, Ervin Monroe, and Dennis Carter.

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